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Employees are the most important asset for a business. They serve to create or promote an organization's culture, and they significantly affect the success of a business. In challenging economic times, the cost of hiring inefficient personnel may prove to be detrimental to the profitability of an organization. An effective and thorough manpower-recruiting process requires an employer to carefully choose the most talented employees who will positively benefit the organization or business.

The quality of your people is what gives your organization the edge. To maintain that edge in an increasingly competitive world, you need to become ever more adept at recruiting and retaining talent with impact. The recruitment process outsourcing provides local, regional, and national outsourcing recruitment services to a wide range of organizations around the country. Addressing all areas of talent management strategy, it helps businesses attract better people while simultaneously reducing cost and time to hire. A recruitment company in Romania should be less expensive and perform at the same level. Romanian personnel are skilled workers, qualified, serious, hardworking and people speak foreign languages at good level.

Recruitment companies in Romania and all over Europe, the team of recruiters and bilingual speaking consultants, assisted by professionals, during the recruitment process, guarantees you the ideal staff for your company. 

Example 1: If you want to open a branch office or to create a company in Romania, the recruiting workers should assist you in creating your team: recruitment, selection, final direct interview, psychological tests, professional tests etc. 

Example 2: If you cannot find in your native country the profile that you are looking for, the team can handle at your place the recruitment process. Romanian candidates are very well prepared in their field of activity, they are highly motivated and open to professional mobility. Also, on request, they'll take care of the organization of the final interview (finding a place for the interviews, preparing interviews etc...) in order to validate yourself the final candidates. 

Example 3: If you need to take time in order to hire Romanian staff with an open-ended contract, they can take care of their management until you make all necessary formalities. The partners in temporary work are prestigious recruiting companies in Romania with an extensive experience in the field of temporary work in the European Union.

The services offered should be based on experience and knowledge accumulated over time, modern work methods and techniques, knowledge in Romanian market and clear understanding of the clients’ needs. Should create new solutions to the customers in order to efficient the HR processes and reduce costs. Using its own methodology and its own database, the recruiting company would ensure perfect compatibility between job requirements and candidates proposed by performing such preselecting required.

An organization’s performance and resulting productivity are directly proportional to the quality and quantity of human resources.

Selecting the most suitable candidate entails counterchecking with the references provided. References offer information about the character and competencies of the applicant. Employers also carry out background checks to establish criminal records and driving offenses. A final interview may be carried out with the selected applicant to discuss matters such as salary, wages and working schedules. The selection process ends when the employer offers the vacant position to the most qualified candidate.

Proper selection and placement of human resources would not only contribute to achievement of objectives and smooth running of an organization but also offer significant potential for future development. Therefore building and maintaining effective human resources is very important function of human resources management.

As one of the fastest-growing Information Technology (IT) locations in Central and Eastern Europe; Romania has made considerable progress within the Information and Communications Technology (ITC) sector. Over the past 15 years, Romania’s ITC industry has become deregulated, modernized and expanded to make it an attractive location for IT recruitment and IT staffing.

Like many eastern European countries, Romania is no exception to having a high demand for IT experts. Small size and mid size U.S. firms don’t immediately look to Europe for IT staffing support, but they should take a tip from the bigger players in their industry who are already setting up offices in Romania and taking advantage of the financial benefits available.

To encourage and improve the level of technology in the country, Romania’s tax system has undergone a number of changes to make doing business in-country far more attractive. While the normal individual earning income in the country realizes a flat tax of 16 percent for income earned, foreigners can also be subject to the same tax level if the income was earned in Romania as well, regardless of the foreigner’s background or citizenship.

However, Romania also has a specific salary tax exemption for those who participate in software creation in Romania, the thinking being that such businesses help build jobs and boost the local economy, so the industry is heavily encouraged

For those IT companies that are looking to outsource their IT services, Romania has become a very hot market for IT staffing as this labor market has been known to provide candidates with good technical skills and strong ethics when it comes to meeting corporate requirements.

Yet, as each country that you hire in has a different culture, you will find that Romania is one place where the IT market tends to place an emphasis on the employee experience. Because of this type of dynamic market, employing a slightly different approach to your recruiting practices when you interview and review IT candidates can mean greater success.

Here are several key non-technical factors that can drive many candidates to want to try out or switch from their current job for another IT company:

  • Flexibility: A variety of incentives built into the contract, flex-time, the number of hours worked per week, and allowing for other personal circumstances can be strong selling points.
  • Physical Working Environment: Are there shuttle buses or transportation incentives? What other facilities, including break rooms does the company provide?
  • Brand Reputation: Does the company have a strong reputation both on social media and web? Candidates pay a great attention to a company’s reputation, accomplishments etc.
  • Company Culture – Some aspects that are considered to be a plus include: transparency, sincerity, and open adult communication in interpersonal relationships.
  • Size of the IT department: The greater the size of the IT department and areas of specialties, the greater the attraction for a potential employee to apply.

In addition to these company attributes, for many entry-level hires- a path forward that either provides skills growth or at least specialization over time is something many Romanian job seekers would like to see.

What to Avoid When You Are Planning to Hire Candidates:

Recruiting markets everywhere typically change over time, but especially when it comes to the IT market, a fast-growing dynamic market that gains more and more recognition worldwide. At this point, as competition tends to favor employees, the dynamics of the Romanian IT market is much the same as it in the United States or Europe when there is a hiring boom.

Here are some of areas where your sensitivity can be key to bringing in a great new hire:

  • Communication skills vs Technical skills: By focusing on evaluating a potential new hire’s technical skills rather than their communication skills, you will probably hit the mark in your hiring evaluation. Many Romanians in programmer jobs are strong in written communication and will pick up better verbal communication cues from their co-workers over time.
  • Technical Experience: If you focus on formal school or diplomas as a basis for experience, you might not see the technical skillset that has been put together in the workplace over time by these potential great IT candidates. You will likely be successful if you emphasize referrals and a display of prior knowledge via either a portfolio or summary.
  • New Technologies: Many of those following an IT career path in Romania are interested in learning and adding new technologies to their skillsets. Evaluating their potential as someone who is trainable in a company setting can net you a strong hire over time.

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